December 31, 2021

Please note that an outbreak of COVID-19 has been declared for the second floor of Kopernik Lodge. Public Health is working closely with Kopernik Lodge to prevent further infections.

Outbreak control measures have been put in place. There will be restrictions to group activities and non-essential services on the second floor, and we are pausing visitation to the entire facility in an abundance of caution.

For further information on COVID-19 visit the Vancouver Coastal Health information page or call HealthLink BC by dialing 8-1-1.

For information regarding the status of a resident at Kopernik Lodge, please contact the Nursing Stations:
•Kopernik Main Number: 604-438-2474
•1st Floor/Main Nursing station: Extension 226
•2nd Floor Nursing Station: 641
•Special Care Unit: 230

Thank you,

Trish Gasiorowska, RN, BScN, OHN, MHLP


Rapid Antigen Testing and Visitation
December 29, 2021

The Ministry of Health has introduced a new requirement for Long Term Care Facilities in order to add an extra layer of protection for residents. In addition to being double vaccinated, visitors will be required to undergo Rapid Antigen Testing prior to each visit.

Kopernik Lodge will commence testing by January 7th, 2022 – or earlier if we receive sufficient testing supplies from the Health Authority.

Visiting hours will remain unchanged and we will not be moving to appointment slots at this time but this may be subject to change based on volume capacity.

Rapid Antigen Tests require 15-20 minutes to show results therefore, the following will be expected of visitors:

1.  Please allow an extra 15-20 minutes for your visit.
2.  When you arrive, you may be required to wait outside before entering the area between the double doors. This is where the Rapid Antigen Test will be performed by the Screener.
3.  Because the test requires the removal of the visitors mask, we can only allow one visitor inside the area at a time for safety reasons.
4.  Once your test is completed, you will be asked to exit and wait either in your car or outside. If you are not arriving by car, we urge you to dress for the elements. We do not have a waiting area inside the facility unfortunately.
5.  Please return to the front testing area in 15-20 minutes and the Screener will let you know the results.

Please review the following direction from the Ministry of Health:

•Visitors who receive a negative test result, provide proof of full vaccination, and are compliant with masking requirements and other infection control practices will be able to enter a facility.

•Visitors who are screened as having symptoms or who receive a positive test result will not be able to enter a facility. Staff should provide information for the visitor to self-isolate and seek further direction from public health. Operators are required to report all positive test results to public health.

•Individuals who receive an inconclusive test result will be required to undergo another rapid POC test.

•There are no exceptions to the rapid POC screening requirement based on medical exemption from vaccination, essential or social visitor status, including compassionate visits related to end-of-life. Rapid POC screening in LTC excludes children under age 12.

Please also remember that if you have incurred a COVID exposure or been identified as a possible contact, you are not permitted to enter the facility.

Trish Gasiorowska, RN, BScN, OHN, MHLP


Visitor and Vaccine Requirement – Update
October 14, 2021

Dear Families and Friends,

Please note that the Ministry of Health has announced a change to the timeline which requires visitors in long-term care to be fully vaccinated. Visitors must now be fully vaccinated by Oct 26th instead of November 30th.

Unvaccinated visitors continue to not be permitted to visit inside the building while partially vaccinated visitors including those who have not surpassed 7 days from being vaccinated by the second dose must be rapid antigen tested upon arrival.

Trish Gasiorowska, RN, BScN, OHN, MHLP


Visitors and Vaccine Requirement
October 12, 2021

Dear Families and Friends,

On October 6th, 2021 the Provincial Health Officer and the Ministry of Health announced updated requirements for visitation in long-term care and seniors’ assisted living facilities in order to protect the vulnerable residents. All visitors (both essential and social visitors) are now required to be vaccinated against COVID-19, excluding children under 12 years of age and those with an approved medical exemption. Proof of vaccination (BC Vaccine Card or equivalent * please note Kopernik Lodge does not have a QR scanner) is required prior to entering or passing through the facility effective today, October 12, 2021.


Effective October 12, 2021

•Visitors who do not demonstrate that they are either partially or fully vaccinated will not be able to enter a facility (excluding children under 12 and those with a valid medical exemption). To be considered fully vaccinated, one must be 7 days after receiving the 2nd dose of the vaccine.
•Visitors are now required to show proof of vaccination prior to entry, including if only to pass through the facility to access an outdoor space.
•Visitors (those who are partially vaccinated) must adhere to the following measures until they are confirmed as fully vaccinated:
    •Wear a medical mask for the duration of the visit
    •Undergo rapid testing at the point of entry to the facility (excluding those under 12 years of age). Please be prepared to wait for up to 15 minutes for the results of the rapid test before being able to enter the facility.
•If the rapid test result is positive, the visitor must not enter the facility. Facility staff should strongly recommend the visitor arrange to have a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test through Public Health.


Effective November 30th, 2021

•Visitors must demonstrate they are fully vaccinated to enter a facility (excluding children under 12 or those with an approved medical exemption).

Trish Gasiorowska, RN, BScN, OHN, MHLP


Changes to Social Visits
July 16th, 2021

•Please note that appointments for social visits will no longer required as of July 19th, 2021, however, Kopernik Lodge will have visiting hours until further notice.

•The visiting hours will be from 10am to 6pm Monday through Friday from July 19-August 6th. Our goal is to have weekend screening staff in place to start weekend visits from August 7th. The visiting hours on weekends will also be from 10am-6pm starting August 7th.
I appreciate your patience as we work towards this date by recruiting sufficient screening staff. Please note that if we are successful in recruiting sufficient staff earlier, we will commence weekend visits earlier than August 7th and families will be notified of this change.

•You are welcome to arrive for a visit at the facility between 10am-6pm Monday to Friday until August 6th, subsequently 10am-6pm Monday to Sunday from August 7th, 2021 onwards.

•In order to be screened in time for an evening visit beyond 6pm, please arrive at the facility no later than 5:45pm to be screened as our screeners leave at 6pm and further screening will not be available.

•Please note you will be asked to bring your proof of vaccination on your next visit. We will be recording this information for future reference and are required to present this to Public Health if requested. Once we have recorded this information, we will check our files on your subsequent visit and you will not be requested to show proof of vaccination again. Fully vaccinated visitors are those that have had 2 doses of the vaccine, with the 2nd dose occurring at least 14 days prior to the day of the visit. If you are fully vaccinated, you will be asked to wear a mask when moving through the common areas of the facility but you can remove it when you are visiting with your loved one. Unvaccinated visitors or those without proof of vaccination will wear a mask at all times during the visit.

•Visits will continue to occur in resident rooms or outside. If you are visiting in a double room, for the safety of everyone, please wear your mask, even if you are fully vaccinated. If not, you will be provided an opportunity to move to another designated room for your visit.

•Please note that if you are visiting outside, please have your mask handy because residents move about the facility and grounds freely and this will be considered a ‘common’ area where masks need to be worn should you be in close proximity to residents whom you are not visiting.

•Please note that we ask that you continue to visit with your loved one only. We are not yet at the stage where general socialization can occur between visitors and multiple residents therefore, for the safety of everyone, please visit with your loved one only and refrain from moving about the facility during your visits.

Trish Gasiorowska, RN, BScN, OHN, MHLP


Social Visit Guidelines
Effective April 1st, 2021

1. Designated visitors will no longer be in effect as of April 1st, 2021.

2. Social visits will continue to be booked in advance by contacting the Recreation Department at 604-438-2474 ext 229.

3. Social visits will occur in single occupancy rooms or in designated visit rooms inside the building. Designated outside spots will be available when the weather improves.

4. Each pre-booked visit can be attended by 2 adults plus 1 child under the age of 18 years old for a maximum of 3 visitors. Visitor information must be provided at the time of booking the visit. Children over the age of 2 years old will be asked to wear a mask. For the purposes of infection control, it is recommended that individuals from the same household visit at the same time. Visitors can vary for each social visit but please consider remaining in your household bubbles when you do visit, particularly in light of increasing restrictions and rising case counts in the community.

5. Screening for symptoms, handwashing and medical mask donning will occur at the front entrance and remains unchanged. For young children, we request that the parent be present to answer the screening questionnaire on their child’s behalf as we will continue to log this information for contact tracing purposes in the event of an outbreak.

6. Visitors must perform a self-assessment prior to arriving at the facility to ensure that they are free from any COVID symptoms, have not been instructed to self isolate, had any exposure to COVID recently including having pending test results.

7. During your visit, you will be required to wear a medical mask that will be provided to you. The mask must remain on for the duration of your visit regardless of whether you are visiting inside a single room, designated visit room or outside in the garden.

8. Please remain in the rooms for the entirety of the visit as physical distancing from other residents and staff is still required thereby preventing visitors from moving freely around the facility at this time. If you need assistance, please use the resident ‘call bell’ to reach staff.

9. Visitors may bring one snack or meal for the resident which must be consumed by the resident during the visit. We are unable to store perishable items beyond the visit time. Please ensure the food is diet and texture appropriate. The food must be contained in a wipeable container and presented at the time of screening.

10. We ask that visitors refrain from bringing in any food or drinks for themselves because masks cannot be lowered/removed during your visit.

11. Residents may go on outings outside of the facility with a social visitor. Please call the Nursing Station (604-438-2474 ext 226) in advance if you are only requesting to take the resident outside of the facility and not planning on having a visit inside. Please ensure you have completed self-screening for any signs or symptoms of COVID and have not been instructed to self-isolate or have test results pending prior to arriving at the facility to accompany a resident for an outing. Visitors should continue to wear a mask on the outing and residents will be encouraged to do so as well.

Trish Gasiorowska


March 17th, 2021
Update on Social Visits

In conjunction with Ministry of Health and Health Authority guidelines on social visits, Kopernik Lodge is adapting our current guidelines around social visits to promote connections between designated visitors and residents.

Pertinent Key Facts:

•Designated visitors remain in place for reach resident. There is no change to the number of designated visitors; it remains at one designated visitor per resident.
•Social visits must be booked in advance by connecting with the Recreation Department 604-438-2474 ext 229.
•Visits will occur in either single occupancy resident rooms, designated visit rooms or outside, weather permitting.
•Designated visitors will be subject to screening, hand hygiene and personal protective equipment requirements.
•Designated visitors may bring either a diet/texture appropriate snack or meal for the resident to be consumed by the resident during the visit. The food must be in a wipeable container. The facility is unable to store food beyond the time of the visit.

Designated resident contacts will be provided further information about the adapted guidelines.

Trish Gasiorowska


July 15, 2020
Social Visit Update

Social visits will be commencing July 20, 2020 through an appointment/pre-scheduled basis only. Social visits will occur with one pre-determined, designated visitor per resident. Designated visitors must remain consistent until further notice.

All designated visitors will be subject to screening for COVID-19 symptoms prior to entering for the visit. Visitors will also be required to don provided personal protective equipment in addition to maintaining social distance throughout the visit which will occur in a pre-determined location.

Social visits will be subject to change and/or cancellation based on staff availability as well as Medical Health Officer and BCCDC guidelines.

Trish Gasiorowska












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