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Kopernik Lodge Spring 2023 Newsletter

Spring 2023 Newsletter

Spring has sprung at Kopernik Lodge: Gardening, Music, Friendship, and more!

Kopernik Lodge Spring 2023 Newsletter

Spring brings with it even more light, warmth, and joy!
Gentle breezes, bigger smiles, the scent of growing things… and even more opportunities for activities and friends!

Take a look at our latest news, including: our gardening program, music therapy, our “Meet Our Residents” featurette, and so many other tidbits of news and interesting information!

To read this issue, please:
CLICK HERE for our Spring/23 newsletter!


Kopernik Lodge Winter 2023 Newsletter

Winter 2023 Newsletter

Winter festivities at Kopernik Lodge: From New Year’s to St. Pat’s and more. So much to celebrate!!

Fall 2022 Newsletter

Fall festivities at Kopernik Lodge: Halloween, Remembrance, and so much more!

Kopernik Lodge Summer 2022 Newsletter

Summer 2022 Newsletter

Summer fun at Kopernik Lodge: baking, friendship, Arrr-Gust, and so much more!

Kopernik Lodge Spring 2022 Newsletter

Spring 2022 Newsletter

“Spring” out at Kopernik Lodge: gardening, community, Polish flag day, and so much more!

Kopernik Lodge Winter 2022 Newsletter

Winter 2022 Newsletter

Celebrating a wonderful winter at Kopernik Lodge: Holiday memories, Valentine’s, and more!

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