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Kopernik Lodge Spring 2023 Newsletter

Spring 2023 Newsletter

Spring has sprung at Kopernik Lodge: Gardening, Music, Friendship, and more!

Kopernik Lodge Spring 2023 Newsletter

Spring brings with it even more light, warmth, and joy!
Gentle breezes, bigger smiles, the scent of growing things… and even more opportunities for activities and friends!

Take a look at our latest news, including: our gardening program, music therapy, our “Meet Our Residents” featurette, and so many other tidbits of news and interesting information!

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Kopernik Lodge – Updates

Changes for Visitors



•Visitors will no longer be actively screened by staff, we will move to passive screening meaning visitors will be monitoring for any symptoms and ensuring they are not coming in when symptomatic. If a visitor is observed to display symptoms during a visit, staff will ask them to wear a mask or postpone the visit to another time.

•Masks will be available to visitors but not required to be worn any longer. Masks will be optional for visitors unless visiting a Covid affected resident (or any other infection requiring PPE) at which point PPE requirements would prevail and staff would provide relevant guidance.

•The handwashing station, hand sanitizers as well as masks will be available between the double doors on a continuous basis for visitors to use. We ask that you wash or sanitize your hands prior to entering the building.

•Visiting hours of 1000-1800 hours will be removed.

•Visitors will not be asked for proof of vaccination or rapid antigen tested (already in progress).


Thank you,

Trish Gasiorowska, RN, BScN, OHN, MHLP

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