November 2021

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Kopernik Lodge Autumn 2021 Newsletter

Autumn 2021 Newsletter

Celebrating a glorious fall at Kopernik Lodge:
Thanksgiving, harvests, pumpkins, and more!

Kopernik Lodge Autumn 2021 Newsletter

The fall months are a carnival for the senses – crisp breezes, crisper apples, golden light and painted trees. It’s been a very busy autumn at Kopernik, with so much going on!

Please catch up with us via our newsletter – there’s lots inside, including Thanksgiving, Registered Care Aide’s Day, having fun with spooky things and pumpkins, and the celebration of All Saint’s and All Soul’s Days. So much news and activities!

For more information, please:
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This month's calendar of activities at Kopernik

Activity Calendar November 2021

November Calendar 2021